• Be present at camp. Don’t be multitasking or doing anything else while you’re in camp.

  • Always use your full name on your screen.

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.

  • Make sure your video is well lit.

  • Please keep your camera on at all times.

  • Do not participate while driving.

  • Try to minimize background noises.

  • Mute when in large group.

  • Use headphones for better audio quality.

  • Be mindful of what is in your background.

  • Do not share your screen.

  • Side chatting will not be allowed.

  • Use “raise hand” feature when applicable.

  • Confidentiality. “What’s said here stays here. What’s learned here leaves here.”


  • Designate a place where you will “do Camp” every Sunday and Wednesday.

    • This might be a table or desk in a place in your room or a place in your house where you will be undisturbed

    • We recommend that this place not be on your bed; to separate your sleep space from your camp space.

  • Make sure your area is clear of any distractions or other work that could take you away from camp (i.e. books, game devices, homework, etc.)

  • Check your lighting. 

    • We want to be able to see your beautiful faces.​

    • If your space is not well lit, move a lamp to your surrounding space or table.

  • Keep water by you so you don’t have to leave and miss out on important info or fun!

  • Keep a “prayer totem” by your side.

    • This can be a rock, crystal, leaf, etc. This can be something you draw spiritual energy from, especially when you start to lose focus. You can also use this totem as a visual symbol of God, and feel that He is right beside you during Camp.

  • Add camp memorabilia to your space for aesthetic flair and to bring back wonderfuL memories


  • Laptop/desktop computer is preferred, but you may use your phone or tablet for different activities as instructed by your counselors.

  • Internet is working.

  • Microphone and speakers are working.

  • You have access to a power source (so your device doesn’t die).

  • You won’t be distrubed during the times of Camp.


Christmas Institute (C.I.) is an annual 5-day Christian youth retreat based in Southern California. C.I. runs from December 26th—30th. It is open to youth and young adults from 7th grade up to college, and is supported through the United Methodist Church.

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